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Tap Into the Light Source

We are lost without tapping into the true light source of Jesus Christ. We waste time when we do not tap into the true life source.

Every morning, I try my best not to awaken my husband and children by turning on the lights and making noises that will startle them out their slumber. I am pretty good with seeing glimpses from the limited lighting available.

It especially helps if I prepare for the next day. It is a greater triumph if I can prepare for

all the days of the week. I pretty much know what matches what because I have already hung the matching pieces together.

One morning it was significantly harder than ever. I was up in plenty of enough time. I began to see the time slipping away from me. I tried to redeem the time. Frustrated, I finally turned on more lighting than I usually allow myself to get dressed.

Similarly, I went into our living area and as I was reading some things yet I could not see very well. These eyes are not as young as they use to be, even with glasses.

My husband and I refused to use the new light bulbs that would be replacements for the two light bulbs that had gone out. Both of us kept forgetting to purchase the bulbs that matched the other two light bulbs. Again, frustrated, I climbed on the step stool and added the two replacement lights that were not aesthetically what I’d like yet served as meaningful light.

Then God flooded my spirit with this. Do you see how much time you wasted not tapping into your light source? Sometimes we waste time, beg for God to show up, and go in circles – all because we won’t tap into the light source.

Sometimes we are trying to make other people comfortable in spaces when God is saying walk in me – the source and let me expand your territory Sometimes because it does not aesthetically look and feel how we perceive things to be, we miss out on his provision – even if that provision is temporary.

Those light bulbs that did not match the other bulbs illuminated the room with more than enough light I needed to get to moving.

God had already given me the resource whereas I could replace those bulbs with the ones that match.

1 John 1:5 This is the message we have heard from him and proclaim to you, that God is light, and in him is no darkness at all.

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