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Follow Your Heart

I am Katrina Currie. I received an opportunity to be a part of a Private Viewing of Follow Your Heart with the Hallmark Channel.

The movie is an inspiring love story that speaks about a young lady, Katrina Yoder,that follows her dreams and aspirations yet ultimately finds that her core-her roots - that although seemed problematic, restrictive, and unwilling to afford her the freedoms that she was destined to live did provide her with a sense of understanding that when things come from the heart ️ it will ultimately lead you to follow your heart in the truest of forms. Ultimately, Katrina, would discover the essential, fundamental core of a being, allows them to follow their hearts.  This movie is filled with multiple challenging relationships - simultaneously-that is what makes this movie so relatable. Isn’t that how life happens?  It seems like when it rains it pours and there are so many moving parts.  Through it all the story unfolds and shared the blessings of love, overcoming church hurt and betrayal, the willingness to embrace forgiveness, restoration, and expressing compassion and understanding. Follow Your Heart is going to premiere on the HALLMARK MOVIES & MYSTERIES channel on Sunday, October 4

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