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The In-Between Place

We can always find peace with our past and look towards the promise of Hope - which we find in Jesus Christ.

With 2020 being one of the most challenging year to many people in our lifetime, the beginning of a new year (2021) seems to bring anticipation of hope and the dawning of things anew. We are not bound by the events that happen in a year or our past. Our hope comes from a deeper and more fulfilling place. Our hope resides in Jesus Christ because he is hope.

Yes, the in between place, exists in our lives because we live in a world that throws curve balls. Whether it is a crumbling marriage, an illness, a furlough, the loss of a thriving business or at last, receiving lasting love, the dream job... there is always the in-between places.

Kat Armstrong encourages and fervently shares hope within each page of her book. Exploring John 4 and engaging the reader to understand the cast aside, misunderstood Samaritan woman. Quickly, we can relate, because just as the Samaritan woman we know we needed Jesus to transform our lives and we need him to continue to do so daily.

Book Description:

Jesus’ journey to the woman at the well in Samaria offers insights and hope for women today to make peace with the past, find hope in the present, and step into the future.

God wants us to move toward the goodness He has planned for us. But what do we do when challenges stop our forward momentum? What’s the next step when we fall into a pit of despair with the determination knocked right out of us?

On his way from Judea to Galilee, Jesus traveled through Samaria, a broken place everyone knew to avoid. In Samaria he stopped in Shechem, where evil had gained such a foothold of power that it eventually reigned. Yet the place once condemned as somewhere no one wanted to visit—let alone hang out in for a while—was the location of one Samaritan woman’s most hope-filled encounter with the Savior.

The In-Between Place offers deeply important insights to anyone who feels stuck and can’t see a way forward. It is for the person who feels that if she looks left, her face will be scraped by an immovable boulder, and if she looks right, she’ll see nothing but hard to handle. It’s for the person who feels lost and is not sure she is worth the effort to be found, for the person who feels overlooked and unfulfilled. Because sometimes Jesus saves our greatest spiritual breakthroughs for our in-between places.

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