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PJ Time 100 Devotions to Light Up the Night

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

An extraordinary bedtime devotional journey for the young and young at heart

This delightful devotional for boys and girls ages 4-8 will give kids a fun way to close out the day. Each of the 100 bedtime devotions includes a fascinating topic that explores the wonders that happen at night: sleeping otters holding hands, the moon's glow, multiplying bubbles at bath time, and saying good night to God. Paired with the devotions are simple prayer starters that will help children learn to talk to God about their specific triumphs, struggles, and questions. Each entry includes cheerful illustrations and a final reflection on how to act out Jesus' love and truth. PJ Time is a wonderful way to help kids settle down in their favorite PJs, spend time with God, and fall asleep in His peace.

Snuggle up with your kids as they have fun, grow in their faith, and settle down for peaceful sleep knowing that God is always awake.

My personal review

This devotional should be in the library of the young and young at heart. PJ Time 100 Devotions to Light Up The Light. The beautiful eye catching illustrations by Ela Smietanka that accompany the fascinating topics that takes the readers and participants on a nightly adventurous journey. Each night, will undoubtedly spark anticipation to enjoy partaking in the love, truth, and peace of Jesus Christ. Kids get an opportunity to rest their spirits and souls with the assurance of God's light illuminating through them and the confidence that they can rest in his words and his loving arms.

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