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Goliath Must FALL - Winning the Battle Against Your Giants

As a parent, grandparent, community leader, and child advocate, I cannot tell you how many times I have heard how children face either bullying face-to-face, virtually through online platforms and by cell phone. Sometimes giants come from rejection or the struggles that come plague from within. It goes without saying kids need help to navigate the myriad of emotions they face that can feel like an overwhelming giant that just won't fall but grows.

Goliath Must Fall, is a book that can help guide kids in overcoming the giants they face. Giants come in various forms, whether in the form of bullying, fear, anxiety, loneliness, or anger. Goliath Must Fall allows children to become empowered that with the help of Jesus in 2021, the giant they face must fall! This book is a resource for youth and families to help them overcome the Goliaths’ in their lives.

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Louie Giglio, the director of the Passion Movement that has reached more than a million young people, shares Goliath Must Fall for Young Readers, a children’s book about facing fears and overcoming adversity by relying on God.

Our kids face more pressure and stress than ever before. Issues such as fear, jealousy, loneliness, and anxiety seem like giants standing in the way of the joy-filled childhood and adolescence we want them to have. In Goliath Must Fall for Young Readers, pastor Louie Giglio shows kids that only God can help them defeat those giants—and He will.

This hardcover book:

• Is adapted for middle grade readers, ages 8 to 12, from the national bestseller Goliath Must Fall, which has sold over 200,000 copies

• Has practical tools and thought-provoking activities to help kids learn strategies to surrender their fears, overcome bad habits, and let go of the comforts this world tells them they have to have

• Is a great purchase for kids who are struggling with stress, anxiety, technology addiction, or other troubles and for fans of Louie’s other children’s books, Indescribable and How Great Is Our God

While addressing the struggles kids face today with temptation, social media comparisons, and anxiety, Louie Giglio reveals a surprising twist in the David and Goliath story that might just change everything about the way we see Jesus and how to conquer the giants in our lives.

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