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Katrina Currie Healed of Multiple Incurable Diseases

Updated: May 8, 2020

Absolutely Nothing is too hard for God

Katrina Currie Healed of Multiple Incurable Diseases is just part of her journey. For years I have suffered from MULTIPLE INCURABLE DISEASES. With old labs in hand, 2006 the doctors told Katrina she has connective tissue diseases, autoimmune diseases ranging from Systemic Lupus, Sjogerns, Myalgia, Chronic Fatigue. A steady history of over 17 years of having Chronic pain, immobility, health crisis after health crisis, the tide began to turn. There were times, at her most immobility, whereas Katrina could not lift her head off the pillow. She depended on her spouse to help with simple daily task like showering and combing her hair.

Katrina’s latest labs in 2019 declared an amazing discovery… HEALED of ALL INCURABLE diseases

This couple co-authored a prayer devotional birthed out of some of the many trials they have faced. God instructed them to share the need of married (covenant) partners to pray and seek God for the revelation for what their marriage should produce in this earth realm, their family, their journey individually and collectively and more.  Every divisive scheme and plot imaginable has been thrown at their marriage. The couple reveals the hard times of health and financial crisis that hit their marriage as well as learning how to navigate through perils such as betrayal, unforgiveness, unrealistic expectations, realistic expectations – all through the power of prayer and forgiveness.

All Things Web Show Episode 3 Feat . Katrina Currie, SUPERMOM

ALL THINGS WEB SHOW                                                    DP Films (David Pittman, Jr.)

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