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Anxiety Reset

Life can throw us curve balls. The unexpected or things that come to overwhelm us can cause fear, stress, worry, panic attacks and so much more. No matter if these come occasionally or persistent realities, Anxiety Reset, provides a fresh personalized plan with tools that help regain joy and peace that often seems stolen from us.


The Anxiety Reset

A Life-Changing Approach to Overcoming Fear, Stress, Worry, Panic Attacks, OCD and More by Gregory L. Jantz Ph.D. and Keith Wall

Individualized solutions for conquering anxiety from acclaimed mental health expert Dr. Gregory Jantz.

If you or someone you love has lost hope of ever getting free from occasional, persistent, or overwhelming anxiety, take heart. The Anxiety Reset offers a fresh, personalized plan for overcoming the fears that are robbing you of joy and peace. In this compassionate guide, you will discover:

• Your anxiety type and triggers

• Common myths about anxiety

• Hidden causes and catalysts of anxiety and what to do about them

• The pros and cons of medication and possible alternatives

• How to develop your optimism muscle

• How to eat for better emotional health

• How to get started on a personal anxiety reset plan

Combining the most up-to-date scientific research, real-life stories, and practical strategies, The Anxiety Reset empowers you to understand and overcome the fears that have been holding you back.

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